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~ I would like to express my gratitude to the many people who saw me through this website; to all those who provided support, talked things over, read, wrote, offered comments, allowed me to quote their remarks and assisted in the editing, proofreading and design.

• The official website of Allanrey Salazar [ ] has been created, and is maintained by Gerald Gemora Parra.

• I would like to thank Piotre Garaginski webmaster who is responsible for webpage error and CSS override codes.

• I would like to thank Angus Morrison for his extensive and detailed information on Allanrey Salazar's editions.

• I would like to thank Ru-Anne Soliman for her immense help and support.

• I would like to thank Glenn Cruz, Carlos Simbillo, Richard Torres Garcia for her help and support regarding artist portrait photography.

• I would like to thank Sally Rousset for her work on the French Translation of Chronology and Exhibition.

• I would like to thank Mavs Yapchiongco for her work on text editing and proofreading.

• I would like to thank Madame Lorna Munnecom of [ Amihan Travel Tours ] for her support regarding the artist 2015 Biennale exhibition.

~ Last and not least: I beg forgiveness of all those who have been with me over the course of the years and whose names I have failed to mention.


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